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Co-Designing and Executing The LAST Transformation
you will ever need

At Credus Partners, we are agnostic to frameworks - each have their merits and based on our strategy work we can determine what's right for your context

Fundamentally our goal is to help you create an organisation that self learns and evolves

We build trusted partnerships with our focus companies that create win win value

The team you meet is the team you will work with - we don't earn your trust with the A team then bring you the C team. There is NO global execllence and local medicority

We have experience in and engage in the end to end journey, from strategy to design to executing organisational change

Credus Strategic Enterprise Agility Design

Agility is your Strategic advantage - how "agile" you want to be requires rethinking your business holistically. Credus work with you to co create the agile adoption strategy that makes sense in your context - visions, strategy, structures, roadmaps, transition plans. We will create a solution unique to you drawing from a multitude of frameworks, patterns, practices and processes designed with your organization in mind.

Credus Customer Experience Mapping and Service Design

Agility changes the way organisations work to stay stay competitive. However, it is critical you remain relevant in the eyes of your customers.. So how about we start thinking about how you remain relevant in a competitive marketplace through disruptive service design and customer experience?

Credus Agility Transformation Execution

You have your Agility Strategy - now you need to live it. The days of separating Strategy from Execution are gone. Time is too short and the world is moving too fast. Credus work with you to co-design a fit for purpose agile implementation plans and ‘playbook’ to uplift teams. We partner with you over the longer term to implement your strategy using our patented Agility Adoption Framework. We share in the risk and reward of your success - by having skin in your game.

Credus Continuous Organisational Change

The ability to continuously delivery technology change to your people is essential in helping them continue to compete, improve and excel in the modern world. We work with you to contextualise and implement our patented Organisation Change Model that allows your internal facing teams to successfully, seamlessly and frictionlessly land near-continuous change to people, process and technology. This allows you to live the promise of agile delivery models.

Credus Agile Coaching and Training

The success of any change within your company relies on the uplift to capability across many facets. Experience is critical to landing your strategy and changing how your organisation thinks and acts. Credus offers a full range of agile training, leadership training, and agile coaching services to work with your teams and foster a sense of change, laying the groundwork for sustaining transformation.

Credus Independent Agility Adoption Assessments and Health Checks

As your organisation transitions to agile methods and practices, it is important to regularly review the progress of your transition to your organisational goals. Credus offers independent and confidential assessments on all facets of your change program.

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